Unbelievable, it's been a year since we released SQLwallet to public! We learned a lot during this year, brought a lot of useful features and we keep working hard to make SQLwallet even more handy.

To celebrate our first birthday, we offer 50% discount on all SQLwallet paid plans.

Hurry up, the sale ends on 1st of March 2018!

Yes, it has been some time since the last update. But rest assured, there are good reasons for that - it's because we spent a significant amount of time and efforts on the changes we are pushing trough in terms of security and reliability. Main changes in SQLwallet 1.3 are: LDAP authentication, so you can now sync your AD or other LDAP members and groups HTTPS support Enc...read more

You like our company brand (well, unless you don't. In this case please keep reading anyway). You want the whole product suite to look the same, to behave the same. Your reporting portal as well, especially if it faces your customers or partners.

Here we come. With the latest release you are able to customize the look and feel of SQLwallet to blend with your company's brand. Change the logo, the favicon, the title and the colors. Make it yours.

Alongside with the ability of SQLwallet reports to be embed in iframes and popup windows as a part of your application, it creates truly seamless user experience.

Get the latest build, feel at home. 

We are happy to announce release of SQLwallet v1.1 with some major features, improvements and bugfixes.

Flat tabes are flat and boring. We have added charts and BI/pivot functionality.

Our SQL editor received auto-completion and macro variables highlighting. We have redesigned report toolbar to make it more intuitive and user friendly.

Please see the full list of changes, download and upgrade to the latest version on our Downloads page.

More exciting stuff is on the way!

Today we are starting a new long and exciting journey by publicly releasing the first version of SQLwallet.  SQLwallet's mission is to streamline day-to-day ad-hoc reports development. As simple as that. As a developer, how many times you felt frustrated by these endless disruptive requests to extract some data and send over in a spreadsheet? Rather annoying, especially if yo...read more