The start of a long journey

Today we are starting a new long and exciting journey by publicly releasing the first version of SQLwallet. 

SQLwallet's mission is to streamline day-to-day ad-hoc reports development. As simple as that.

As a developer, how many times you felt frustrated by these endless disruptive requests to extract some data and send over in a spreadsheet? Rather annoying, especially if you have already closed your SQL Server studio and did not save the query.

As a business user, aren't you tired of digging through emails and spreadsheets?

As an operational executive, would you find it useful to get an insight on what data is being requested by whom and how often?

Most existing reporting tools are not fit for this purpose. Some of them are focusing on enterprise data analysis and visualisation and are just too costly to get a license for everyone. The others require a heavy investment of developers' time and a specific set of skills, so it is just easier to send over the spreadsheet rather than start planning the automation.

We've always been dreaming about something simple just to wrap an SQL query in a web interface and share it across the organisation. So we've built SQLwallet.

Once you start using SQLwallet, most of your repetitive reporting tasks will become automated, unnecessary interactions eliminated, and all your data will be accessible in a centralised and tidy way.

Moreover, SQLwallet is not only about reports. It's about data editing too! Surely you have some settings stored in the database, but never got down to developing an admin interface to manage them? Use SQLwallet and forget about direct access to database. We will cover more on this in the following posts. 

Download it, give it a go, use it for free, let us know what you think. 


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