Release Notes:

v2.2.0, 19/10/2019

  • IMPROVEMENT: Simplified way to setup new Data Sources
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved way of specifying primary key column
  • BUGFIX: Error when trying to save new API token in the Configuration settings
  • BUGFIX: Inconsistent UI behaviour when report has multiple schedules 
  • Support for the subscription licensing model


v2.0.0, 03/01/2019


Due to the improved encryption algorithm, previous encrypted settings are not compatible with this release, and should be re-entered manually. This applies to Data Source connection strings, SMTP credentials, and LDAP credentials. Make sure you keep a copy of these settings before upgrading. After upgrading you will need to re-enter the connection string and credentials again in the admin section.

  • FEATURE: Dashboards: Report output tabs now can be arranged as dashboard widgets.
  • FEATURE: SQLwallet can now be deployed under IIS and Azure App Services.
  • FEATURE: Columns can be resized in the Table view.
  • FEATURE: MS SQL Server can now be used as SQLwallet internal storage instead of Sqlite.
  • BUGFIX: Autorefresh interval resets to 5 sec when editing a report.
  • BUGFIX: Autorefresh creates an entry in the run audit log on every refresh.
  • Numerous bugfixes and performance improvements


v1.6.1, 19/09/2018

  • Maintenance release, various bugfixes. 


v1.6.0, 14/09/2018

  • FEATURE: Multi-Tenancy support: ability to configure different user interface for different domains.
  • FEATURE: Autorefresh report results
  • FEATURE: Ability to maximize report results area in one click
  • FEATURE: CSV delimiter can be customized
  • IMPROVEMENTS: An indication for scheduled and auto-refreshed reports in the report header panel
  • BUGFIX: Duplicated checkboxes in the Designer section
  • BUGFIX: Clear Dropdown icon is not working
  • BUGFIX: Impossible to update a schedule with custom commands



v1.5.0, 17/08/2018

  • FEATURE: Added option for scheduled reports to appear inline in the email body
  • FEATURE: Added ability to show only authorized users in the authorization screen
  • FEATURE: Added link to the scheduled jobs console (Hangfire dashboard) in the the admin menu
  • BUGFIX: Scheduling may work incorrectly if the repeat interval in minutes specified
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added help tooltip for the export file field, explaining usage of macros
  • UNDER-THE-HOOD: Stability and performance improvements


v1.4.5, 22/03/2018

IMPORTANT: To upgrade please perform uninstall of the previous version of SQLwallet and make sure there is no DLL files left in the SDLwallet root folder and /refs subfolder after uninstallation.

  • BUGFIX: Post-Installation issue related to .NET assembly versioning


v1.4.4, 13/02/2018

  • FEATURE: Added option to disallow users to modify pivot/chart configuration
  • FEATURE: Added option for users to restore initial pivot/chart configuration
  • BUGFIX: CSV export does not work for MySQL reports under certain conditions
  • BUGFIX: TSV export of pivot/chart is added back

v1.4.3, 12/01/2018

  • Bugfixes

v1.4.1, 21/12/2017 

  • FEATURE: Token authentication for embedded reports (paid license)
  • FEATURE: Embedded reports with or without parameters (paid license)
  • FEATURE: Folders renaming
  • UNDER-THE-HOOD: Code migrated to ASP.NET CORE 2.0
  • Numerous bugfixes and security enhancements

v1.3.1, 05/10/2017 

  • BUGFIX: Upgrade fails due to an SQL error

v1.3, 02/10/2017 

  • Connection strings are now stored in encrypted format 
  • Connection strings management moved to Configuration / Data sources
  • FEATURE: Test connection strings
  • FEATURE: LDAP authentication (paid license only)
  • FEATURE: Parameter macros are now supported in dynamic SQL-based parameters
  • FEATURE: Added "checkbox" edit field type
  • FEATURE: Added HTTPS support
  • BUGFIX: Connection strings may be deleted even if used by a report.
  • BUGFIX: Editing of boolean fields does not work in PostgreSQL
  • BUGFIX: Numeric primary keys do not work in PostgreSQL
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect parameters validation in Report Designer
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect data editing fields behaviour in Report Designer

v1.2.7, 11/07/2017 

  • BUGFIX: Pivot/Chart mode does not aggregate by numeric columns with custom output formatting.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect validation prevents saving of External reports.
  • BUGFIX: Editable reports are not working in PostgreSQL.

v1.2.6, 21/06/2017 

  • BUGFIX: Date columns are incorrectly sorted in Pivot/Chart mode
  • BUGFIX: Data is not being refreshed if the report is reloaded in Pivot/Chart mode
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect macro autocompletion behaviour in SQL Editor.
  • FEATURE: Added notification if SQLwallet upgrade is available.

v1.2.5, 08/06/2017 

  • BUGFIX: It is not possible to edit values for multi-value parameters.
  • Added options for charts to be printed or saved as an image.
  • Added TSV view for pivot, so now it is easy to copy/paste aggregated values to Excel.

v1.2.4, 11/05/2017 

  • Fixed missing chart view.
  • Added global setting to configure limit of output rows.

v1.2.0, 04/05/2017 

  • White Label customization of user interface.
  • Custom date format.

v1.1.2, 19/04/2017 

  • Improved installation experience.
  • Fixed security issue affecting access to admin area.
  • Minor bugfixes.

v1.1.1, 23/03/2017 

  • Maintenance release.
  • Minor bugfixes.

v1.1.0, 24/02/2017

  • Added Pivot/Chart mode.
  • Added auto-completion and macro highlighting in SQL editor.
  • Redesigned report toolbar.
  • Edit and Delete icons are now added automatically for editable reports.
  • Improved Data Editing configuration.
  • Various UI improvements.