Ops Automation and Data Enablement. Spend less. Do more.

SQLwallet provides the fastest way to access and operate your data. 
  • Automate routine business operations and processes.
  • Empower your business by having a single central place for operational reports and data extracts.
  • Create business apps in minutes.
  • Build integrations much quicker with no-code REST APIs to read and modify your data.
  • Set up data-driven alerts, scheduled report delivery, and data feeds.
  • Give access to reports to your partners and customers as a standalone portal, or embed in other applications.


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SQLwallet allows developers and operations support teams to create ad hoc operational reports and data extracts and make them immediately available to business users.

The business users get clear and customizable reports in no time. Say Goodbye to the endless spreadsheets sent by email.

No learning curve, no heavy integrations - just focus on the SQL query to retrieve the data, and let SQLwallet deliver the results.

Free up developers' time, so they can focus on the business logic rather than on the orchestration.

And the cherry on top, it comes at a fraction of the cost of an enterprise system.


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Combine multiple queries to different data sources to create multi-output reports and dashboards.

Present your data either in plain tabular way, or visualise it as charts or interactive pivot tables, allowing users to slice and analyse the data.

Create stunning dashboards for monitoring of data-driven processes and performance indicators.

All you need is to write a query. Simplicity is the key.


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SQLwallet makes integrations simple by allowing creating fully fledged REST APIs in minutes, without writing a line of decoration code. 

Move from a concept straight to the implementation. Full API access to read and modify data from a single SQL query. 

Grow your business by providing your partners and customers with APIs with highest level of security and enterprise-grade permission management.

SQLwallet even generates API documentation pages. Impress your partners with the highly professional API portal.


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Create ad-hoc reports in no time

Creating a new report is as simple as copying and pasting your SQL query. 

Advanced access management

Manage permissions, share with users and teams. Keep full audit record.

Export and schedule

Export data into Excel or CSV. Schedule your reports to be sent by email or uploaded.

Create business and admin apps in minutes.

Turn an SQL query into a business or admin app, with secure and auditable acess to the data.  

Reports and APIs for clients and partners

Easily provide external reporting and APIs to your customers and partners.

Embed reports in another applications

Embed SQLwallet into your applications or use third-party reports within SQLwallet.