Happy New Year! We are delighted to announce the second major release of SQLwallet, which is immediately available at the Download page.

In this release we have introduced the long-awaited ability for SQLwallet to run as a hosted Azure App Service, or as a local website under IIS. So if you ever were concerned about the need of having an in-premise server or a virtual machine, now it is time to switch to the new version and have the freedom of the cloud alongside with the convenience of SQLwallet.

We also added support to have SQLwallet internal storage on MS SQL database rather than built in SQLite, so you can benefit from improved performance, automatic backups and whatever comes together with MS SQL database.

Alongside with the new release, we added documentation, please check it out! The new articles are being added as you read it.

And... there is "one more thing". Dashboards. Yes, now you can create dashboards in SQLwallet, running multiple tables and charts alongside on the screen. Just drag a tab and see what happens.

So go ahead and download the new release. Make sure to read the release notes as they contain some breaking changes!